Welcome to the new PRSM Buyer's Guide! 

Explore the suppliers featured in the community feed, check out the search tools on the Suppliers page, and you will rapidly discover the potential of this platform to be a game changer in the retail store maintenance industry.  We are getting ready to officially launch at the PRSM National Conference - changes are being made weekly as we gather feedback and make adjustments.  If you encounter a problem or have a suggestion, please contact PRSM.

Welcome to the PRSM Online Buyers' Guide

For more than 20 years, the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) has been the leading membership organization empowering retail facilities professionals by delivering industry best practices, education, forums and partnerships. This PRSM Online Buyers' Guide is the fastest way to locate the products and services retail store managers need. Browse the 92 categories below for retail store services such as electrical repair, emergency services, facility maintenance, HVAC repair, and janitorial services. This guide also offers a Request For Proposals Automator, which offer retail managers the chance to request project bids. Enter your customized information about a needed product or service and get private, personalized responses delivered to your email. Access the top menu to view our advertising media kit and more information about how to use this guide.
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About PRSM—Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association

PRSM Association, the authority on Retail and Multi-site Facilities Management, is the leading membership organization for retail facilities and vendor professionals. PRSM empowers the facilities management professionals with best practices, benchmarking, education, discussion forums and trusted partnerships. Established in 1995, and with approximately 950 member companies, the PRSM community values are founded on a spirit of innovation, resourcefulness, the quest for knowledge and ethical business relationships. Members depend upon PRSM to help them achieve greater success and a competitive advantage through quality programs and resources.